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Bugs, Beetles and Insects That Do No Harm

There are a number of bugs, beetles and insects which you will see in your garden that may alarm you but in fact, cause no harm to your plants.¬†¬† In fact some of these critters can be beneficial as they are Mother Nature’s¬†helpers in¬†pollinating and controlling pests.

One that you will recognize right away is the Lady Beetle (Bug).¬† They are quite beneficial in controlling your small harmful insects such as aphids and mites.¬†¬† Be careful identifying the larva and pupa of lady beetles as they don’t look like your adult lady beetle; they are¬†more elongated, darker in color with orange spots .

Another one that may cause you confusion is the Leaf-Cutter Bee.  When you see scalloped edges on leaves of your lilacs or peonies, it is likely these essential pollinators cutting off leaf fragments for their nests.

The Poplar Twiggall Fly is known for causing a smooth, knot-like gall on the twigs of Aspens and other Poplars.  There are a few natural ways of controlling these flies but, there are no effective chemical controls.  The galls themselves do not harm the tree but can look quite alarming as they continue to grow and swell long after the insect is gone.

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