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Desiccation (drying) of plant tissues causes more plant death than cold temperatures. Newer plantings are more sensitive than established trees and shrubs. Roots will stay active in the ground long after air temperatures are freezing. Because evergreens (pines, spruce, fir and junipers) keep needles through the winter, they are more susceptible to sun and drying damage if they are in a drought condition.

Since sprinklers are inactive, hose irrigation is very important. If lacking snow cover, let your hose run on the root zones of your trees & shrubs on a mild sunny day. The root zone is the area from the trunk out to the perimeter of the tree’s canopy (branch tips), so don’t err by putting the hose at the trunk of the tree. It’s important to water your landscape well before winter sets in. Water in late fall and intermittently during warm spells in the winter. Be sure to drain your hoses before storing to avoid freezing and cracking.

Please contact us if you have any questions about winter watering.

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